Drip tube

The AQUA.DRIP-T drip tube produced by NPO Agropolymer LLC is distinguished by increased performance characteristics that are significantly superior to domestic and imported analogues. A specially selected composition of raw materials, technological additives, emitters from world industry leaders, all this is the key to the quality of our products.

Raw material

For the production of drip tubes, exclusively primary raw materials from Sibur and technological additives from Global Colors are used. The use of this raw material ensures high physical and mechanical properties (strength, flexibility) of the tube, and also provides protection from ultraviolet exposure.

Tubes and emitters

The emitters of the famous DRTS brand used in the production of the AQUA.DRIP-T tube have advantages in terms of flow uniformity, outflow length, and resistance to clogging. AQUA.DRIP-T tubes undergo periodic testing for strength and pour quality on specially designed equipment.

Капельная трубка AQUA.DRIP-T


  • High resistance to clogging. Thanks to an internal raised filter in each emitter
  • Uniformity of flow at the outlet of the dropper. CV parameter value < 5%
  • Resistant to UV radiation and fertilizers
Monsoon график

Patented Omniflow technology

eliminates blind spots in the labyrinth to ensure constant flow and reduce suspended solids sedimentation to prevent clogging


For untreated artesian and well water

  • Uniform flow and ability to reduce pressure loss over long pipe sections
  • Thanks to in-tube emitters with a wide flow cross-section and three different filters
  • Uniformity of flow at the outlet of the dripperValue of the CV parameter < 3%
  • Tube resistance to bending, ultraviolet radiation and fertilizers
Sandguard график

Emitter Sanguard

Designed specifically for use with well water and features a particularly large cross-sectional flow area, long labyrinth and raised filter

This makes this dripper an excellent solution for agricultural applications with excellent resistance to clogging

Storm – PC (compensated)

For difficult terrain

  • Ability to make convenient side branches
  • Same flow rate even with pressure differences due to automatic adjustment
  • Tube resistance to bending, ultraviolet radiation and fertilizers
Storm – PC (compensated)
Storm – PC (compensated) график

Emitter Storm-PC

Works with high performance even when working at an angle and with particularly long side branches

Automatic adjustment ensures the same flow rate over a wide range of pressures, creating an ideal solution for sloped applications or particularly long agricultural irrigation lines